About Us


My first step into the world of designing and developing products was when a customers rented trailer was impounded at a scale house for brakes out of adjustment. That led me to develop the Electronic Brake Stroke Monitoring System. From there I just saw ideas for other products to help the trucking industry. I started out in the industry as a mobile trailer mechanic, I went were someone was broken down and put them back on the road. That was in 1988. Here I am today still doing the same job but with an arsenal of products now to offer to the industry. It is all about safety and saving money, keeping the goods going to the stores to keep the shelves stocked.

Who We Are

I am a mechanic who had some great ideas. Instead of them just being ideas, I went the distance and developed and patented them.

My Mission

To provide quality products that will stand the test of time and to back them up and always be available for support or to answer questions. Reach out to me and I will respond.